A Comprehensive Guide to Protect You from a Failed MOT Testing in Dorchester

A Comprehensive Guide to Protect You from a Failed MOT Testing in Dorchester

An annual safety check is crucial for your vehicle to ensure you are at no risk of breaking the government guidelines and rules. To meet the road safety protocols, an MOT (Ministry of Transport) test is mandatory for the vehicles. Passing the test is mandatory if you don’t want to disrupt your driving experience. However, passing a mot test doesn’t ensure the vehicle is in perfect condition. However, if minor faults are there, fixing them as soon as possible is crucial to prevent them from getting worse. Choose a reputed car garage in Dorchester like Miles Motor Service to complete thorough garage services that will protect a vehicle from failing in MOT testing.

Let’s take a look at what you should look into before an MOT test to ensure you fail in it in no way:

Brake Fluid Comes First

Start the MOT checklist with the car bonnet. Keep the engine cool and park the vehicle on a flat spot during the inspection of the fluid. Look into the master cylinder to make sure the fluid amount is in between the ‘min’ and ‘max’ marks. If you notice lesser brake fluid, fill it up from your local car store. however, choose only the one that suits your car model and make.

Check the Lights

Once you notice a warning light on the car dashboard, don’t let it sit in as it is. Go through your vehicle handbook to understand the issue and fix it quick. If you ignore it, passing your MOT test becomes a far reach concept. So work on this to protect yourself and the vehicle from upcoming dangerous situations.

Tyres Need Thorough Check as well

Look into the tread depths to ensure your vehicle runs right. A faulty tread depth prevents you from stop whenever and wherever you want. It becomes more difficult on wet roads. UK driving law demands a car must run on streets only with perfect tyre shape and size to keep the drivers, passengers and pedestrians safe from oncoming traffic and unforeseen unfortunate situations.

Your Horn is No Less Important

This might be the easiest check among all the fixes that a driver needs to do before an MOT test. So waste no time fixing your horn. Do it right away once you notice the issue.

Maintain Fuel in the Car Engine

The emission test is an important section of a successful MOT test and without the oil check, the emission levels remain undiscovered. During the brake fluid test, carry out this checking as well.

Car Mirrors Hold Enough Importance

You may take this as a negligible car component, but they hold enough importance in an MOT test. Fix if there is a severely cracked mirror that restricts your view.

As you now know what to look into during a pre-MOT test, enjoy top-notch garage services from highly experienced and knowledgeable mechanics in Dorchester who work in the car garage of Mikes Motor Service.